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Living in quarantine with a 10-year-old sister, I (Julia Segal, founder) have seen just how easy it is for children who are cooped up to get restless if they're not constantly occupied or doing something productive. With all the free time we have on our hands now due to COVID-19, this is the perfect opportunity to learn a new skill from the comfort of your own home! Our teachers are skilled musicians who are also looking for ways to make the most out of their coronacation. QuaranTunes allows for both the teachers to benefit by gaining more experience working with children, and the children to benefit by getting to work with some super cool musicians on a new music-related skill! 

Our Charity

We do not charge a set fee for our lessons. However, we are asking that after your lesson, you and your child determine how much the lesson was worth for you and donate that amount. When we first began, 100% of our proceeds went to the CDC Foundation to help combat to the coronavirus, and by August 2020 we had surpassed $30,000 in donations. It was then that we decided to switch our charity to the Save The Music Foundation, which funds music programs in public schools across the U.S.. We believe deeply in this cause because music programs in public schools are where the majority of our teachers first became exposed to music, and we have seen firsthand the tangible impact that learning music can have on a child's life. To learn more about the Save The Music Foundation and other ways in which you can help, click here. 

Our Teachers


Our team of teachers consists of extraordinarily talented high school and college musicians, many of whom are pursuing a career in music. Although our founding base is in Palo Alto, our teachers are located in many different places all over the country. Our team has expertise in many different areas of music as well as instruments, including music theory, songwriting, piano, guitar, bass, pop and classical vocals, violin, and more! If you are interested in joining our team, click here to apply now. 

Julia Segal, Founder


Hi! I'm Julia Segal, the founder of QuaranTunes. I am an 18-year-old singer/songwriter and a freshman at Stanford University. Music is my entire life, and when I was suddenly faced with the prospect of months of free time when I could do almost anything I wanted (from the confines of my home, of course) I was initially overwhelmed by the countless possibilities of things I could do. There was one thing I knew for sure though -- I wanted to incorporate my passion for music. Sure enough, after a day of pitching the idea to all the musicians I knew, my heart was set on QuaranTunes. This journey has been incredible so far, and I hope you will join me by clicking the "Sign Up" button above!

The QuaranTunes Family Around The World


COVID-19 Relief in India 

Being an international organization committed to battling the pandemic, we would like to help India during these trying times. Our main focus for this fundraiser will be to financially empower Project Chhaav, an initiative that focuses on providing underprivileged and remote communities with medical supplies and PPE to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in these regions. Project Chhaav donates medical supplies like oximeters which can be used to detect child pneumonia, thus creating a lasting impact on these communities. Rural communities account for about half of all COVID-19 cases in India, yet only 10% of medical infrastructure and hospitals are in these villages. The cases might be dropping but we need to help our Indian family members keep their guard up to prevent subsequent deadly waves. If you appreciate what we at QuaranTunes have done for your community and families, please consider giving back and contributing to this noble cause and help end this pandemic soon! $25 is enough to provide frontline workers with essential PPE supplies!

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Save The Music Foundation

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The CDC Foundation


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