community classes

The QuaranTunes Community Class Program is a program that works to ensure that music education is accessible and equitable for all. Through this program, our volunteers provide free music classes to schools, child care centers, and other organizations that promote the well-being of children. By opening the door to music for these children, we enable them to pursue their musical passions and develop a love for music that will last a lifetime.

what our teachers have to say

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Erica Contreras, Teacher at the Concord Childcare Center Community Classes

I have loved teaching these kids. We have so much fun and it warms my heart every time one of them is excited about music, whether we’re singing, learning what music is, or just talking about our favorite songs. It’s amazing to help these kids discover music and provide them the opportunity to share this thing I’m so passionate about. My co-teachers are awesome and we have created such an open environment for these kids to explore. I love every minute of teaching and hope to continue this passion for many years to come.

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