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Crafts & creations

With Sruthi Sridhar

Thursdays from 4:30-5:15pm PST, 3/31/22 - 4/21/22

About The Teacher:

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About The Class:

In this class, kids will create one fun and engaging project each week using different mediums such as water color paints, markers, and construction paper. This class will require some experience with arts and crafts, as the projects will be at an intermediate level. Students will learn different artistic techniques and tips & tricks that will help them grow as artists. An adult will need to get supplies ready for each class.

Age Range:

Hi! My name is Sruthi and I’m a sophomore at California High School. I’ve had a strong passion for art my whole life and I’m currently taking an art class at my high school. I would love to share my joy for art with younger kids and hope to create an engaging class where they can grow as artists. I believe that art is a wonderful medium for kids to express their creativity through, something I hope students will find through this class. I look forward to sharing my passion for art with everybody!

8-12 years old.

Required Materials:

Class 1: Crayons, watercolor paints, paint brushes, cup of water, paper towels, pencil, white card stock paper

Class 2: Water color paints, paint brushes, cup of water, paper towels, tape, string, glue stick, scissors, black construction paper, markers

Class 3: White card stock paper, black construction paper, water color paints, paint brushes, cup of water, paper towels, string, plastic or paper straw, glue stick, white printer paper, tape, scissors, markers

Class 4: White printer paper, colored construction paper, markers, glue stick, scissors, ruler, pencil

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