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Creative Crew: The Thrill in Sketching

With Sneha Ahuja

Saturdays from 10-10:45am PST, 12/05-12/26

About The Teacher:


About The Class:

This class will teach you how to sketch and shade. We will be learning how to draw objects and more over the course of weeks. This is an intermediate class, so having a bit of knowledge about sketching is preferred, but not required. Hope you have fun!

Age Range:

I am really crazy about art. Sketching, in particular. Ever since I got my first set of charcoal and some pencils, I was obsessed. Sketching has been my way to put all my emotions onto paper. I always wanted to pass the gift of art to younger children, in hopes that they, too, would use sketching as an outlet. I am extremely excited to have been given that chance.

7-10 years old.

Required Materials:

Pencil, Paper, Eraser

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