Anime Art

With Aditya Chakka

Sundays from 11:00-11:30am PST, 4/4/22 - 4/24/22

About The Teacher:

IMG_5439 - Aditya Chakka.jpg

I am currently in my junior year at Dougherty Valley highschool.I have been drawing for 5 years and would love to spread my knowledge with kids who are interested. Also I own a shoe customizing business on instagram @Cop_vans. I have had a passion for art since 6th grade, I really think it is important for me to unlock students' skills and creativity which are two very important attributes to art. I have always loved teaching younger students in all aspects and want to continue to do so in the area of my passion.

About The Class:

In this class students will learn the fundamental techniques and basic ideas of anime or cartoon art. Also students will work on their creative flexibility and learn how failure is the key to success.

Age Range:

9-13 years old.

Required Materials:

Pencil, paper, ruler, color pencil or crayons