Intro to Impromptu

With Alex Cooper

Saturdays at 3pm Pacific Time, 8/22/20 - 9/12/20

About The Teacher:


Alex is a high school student from Fairfax, Virginia, and the recipient of a 2020 Brandeis Book Award. Alex is the president of his school's speech team and a super-regional champion in competitive public speaking. Alex was accepted to the Frost School Of Music Advanced Young Songwriters program in 2017 and is currently working on both pop and musical theater songwriting. This year, Alex is performing at the This Is My Brave Fairfax show. He is also passionate about visual arts and coding.

About The Class:

Impromptu speaking is not only a foundational skill for the future, it's also a mode of creative expression and a branch of theater arts. This class will go over the basics of impromptu, interpretation, diction, and poise in order to increase confidence on stage and in daily life.

Age Range:

11-16 years old.

Required Materials:

A pen and something to write on.