Pen To Paper

With Toby Jacob

Mondays from 3:00-3:35pm PST, 1/04/21-1/25/21

About The Teacher:

About The Class:

Hi! My name is Toby Jacob and I'm a current Junior in Piedmont California. I've always loved story telling and writing as well as having a space to be creative. I spend my free time working as a ski coach, seeing friends, reading, and writing for small magazine.

Pen to Paper is a four-week class in which we will discuss forming plot and outlines, character development and interaction, dialogue, and creating a writing plan. Each class will have a series of prompts and notes to help guide the students, as well as dedicated time to brainstorming and having in-depth conversations based on the student's work and ideas. The goal is to create a welcoming environment to allow everyone to share and build on their ideas and put their pens to paper.

Age Range:


Required Materials:

A fresh notebook and pen/pencil. (Google docs or word docs can also be helpful, but not needed for class)

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