tutorbook faq's

Q: When is the official Tutorbook switch happening for teachers?

A: The official Tutorbook switch for teachers will happen on May 17, but parents will officially switch to using Tutorbook exclusively on June 7.

Q: What do teachers need to complete by June 7?


1. Edit your availability in Tutorbook - make sure it is accurate because Tutorbook will automatically reset it from PickTime.
2. Make the meeting link in your profile your personal meeting room - that is what will be automatically emailed to your students and it’s better to keep it consistent.
3. Write your bio - you do not have a bio in Picktime right now, but parents will see a bio on Tutorbook. It can be brief, but give them a sense of your music/teaching experience.

*You do not need to edit your picture, name, etc.

Q: Am I still expected to reach out to the person who scheduled a lesson with me?

A: Yes, you are still expected to reach out to the person who scheduled a lesson with you confirming the time and zoom link. 

Q: How will I know when someone has scheduled a lesson with me?

A: Similarly to Picktime, you will receive an email (and eventually text) notification when someone schedules a lesson with you. They will only be allowed to schedule a lesson with you for at least 3-4 days in advance.

Q: What are some functions in Tutorbook that I can use?


1. By clicking on the appointment in your calendar, you can:​​

  • Make meetings recurring (weekly or bi-weekly)

  • Take notes on your student

  • Update the meeting - if you update the time, both you and your student will receive a notification.

2. There is a calendar function - you can view all your lessons on one calendar and sync your google calendar to the calendar.
3. Unlike Picktime, you can turn off your profile and still have recurring clients be able to schedule appointments with you.