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Growth, Sustainability, and a New Board!

Quarantunes has grown exponentially over the past year, and with so many new willing volunteers and excited students, we've noticed a need to create a set-up for the organization that allows it to continue on even when its founding members, mostly seniors in high school, leave for college. Thus came a restructuring of the Quarantunes board, allowing for term periods and a divide-and-conquer type of responsibility that allows for the most efficient and collaborative management of our beloved organization.

"Sustainable" was the word Sage Leland, current Chief of Staff, had in mind as she set about restructuring the board. Sage first got involved in Quarantunes as a Strings Head Teacher, propelled by the mission of the organization. After that, she went on to be a Summer Camp Counselor, Communications Secretary, Chief of Communications, a Creative Art Class Organizer, and now, Chief of Staff.

"You name a position, I've probably done it," she jokes.

Julia Segal and Lisa Kopelnik, CEO and COO respectively, reached out to Sage to talk about the potential new structure for the board. The grand scale of the task at hand hadn't become clear yet, but now she can safely say she's cognizant of the amount of work that went into it.

They started off with a brainstorm on what they wanted the new board to look like. How many positions would there be? Who would need committees? How many? Once these questions were answered, the three went about creating a massive Google Doc outlining every leadership role and what their different responsibilities would entail.

After the new structure of the board became clear, the group held informational sessions to get some folks interested in applying. Each applicant had a half hour interview and they all took place over the course of one day. Sage describes the whole day of zoom calls as "exhausting", but still rewarding as she was "absolutely blown away by the dedication that each applicant had to Quarantunes."

All this work definitely paid off, because Quarantunes now has a team of passionate and excited people all ready to give their all to the organization. And with that, let's meet the board!

The Board

"Hi! My name is Julia, and I'm currently a senior at Gunn High School. I'll be serving as the CEO for the Winter 2021 Term and I am BEYOND excited where our new board members will take us this term :). Can't wait to see how much QuaranTunes grows & the new heights that we'll reach together."

"Hi, my name is Lisa Kopelnik and I am a senior at Head-Royce School in Oakland, CA. I am the Chief of Operations and I teach piano:) I'm super excited to continue my work on the QuaranTunes board!"

"Hi, my name is Sage Leland and I am a junior at Gunn High School! I am the Chief of Staff here at QuaranTunes and will be managing our executive team. I'm looking forward to furthering QuaranTunes's impact on the global community!"

"Hi! My name is Sola Long and I am a senior at Developing Virtue Secondary. I will be the Chief Communications Officer for the 2021 term, and I am beyond excited to work with the QuaranTunes Board!"

"Hi, my name is Rebekah Bodner and I am a freshman at Scripps College in Claremont, California. During the 2021 winter term, I will be the Chief Event Coordinator in charge of workshops, masterclasses, public events, and camps. I am thrilled to be on the QuaranTunes board and am excited to get to work!"

"Hi! My name is Eunice Cho and I am a junior at Palo Alto High School. I am the co-chief technical officer and I am so excited to work with the other members of the board to grow QuaranTunes!"

"Hi, I’m Rohan Bhave and I’m a senior at Gunn High School. I have been the CTO since March and now I’ll be a Co-CTO this year."

"Hello! My name is Zoë Farajian and I am a senior at College Park High School! During the 2021 winter term, I will serve as Chief Outreach Officer and run the community class program and the instrument donation program. I am looking forward to continuing my work with QuaranTunes!"

"Hi! I'm Zach Chang. I am a Senior at Gunn High School, and throughout the 2021 winter term, I will be the Chief Teacher Coordinator, overseeing the teacher committee and all QuaranTunes teachers."

"Hi! My name is Angela Gao, and I'm a freshman at UC Berkeley. During the 2021 winter term, I will be the Chief of Marketing. Looking forward to being on the QuaranTunes board!"

"Hi, my name is Ajin Jeong and I am a sophomore at Palo Alto High School! During the 2021 winter term, I will be the co-chief publicity officer in charge of social media and I'm super excited to work on the QuaranTunes board!"

"Hi, my name is Roo Joshi and I’m a senior in high school! Over the next few months, I’ll be co-chief publicity officer and work on the blog. I’m so pumped to be part of such a great board."

"My name is Hannah Schendel and I’m a senior at Gunn High School! During the 2021 winter term, I’ll be the Chief Finance Officer. I’m super excited to be a part of the QuaranTunes team and see the impact of our organization continue to grow!"

To find more on us and our board, check out our Instagram!

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