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Nick Brogdon: pursuing art and digital media in college

Calling all students interested in learning about the college design/art major experience! UCLA Design Media Arts student will be talking about his high school and college application experience, what he does as a design student at UCLA, portfolio advice, and more! Brogdon will also demonstrate his workflow when editing on Photoshop and give tips and tricks along the way. He is also skilled in photography, 3-D modeling, and graphic design.

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Kirby leem: digital art

Graduating from UC Irvine with a B.S. in Studio Art, Kirby Leem has worked as a freelance concept artist and taught students at Kazone Art Academy about portfolio-building for art schools. In addition, Leem was a background artist at FOX Animation Domination High Definition who worked for various films like Golan the Insatiable, Axe Cop, and Major Lazer.


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scott amendola masterclass: drumming in the music industry

Over a career spanning more than three decades, Amendola has forged deep ties across the country, and throughout the world. As an ambitious composer, savvy bandleader, electronics explorer, first-call accompanist, and capaciously creative foil for some of the world's most inventive musicians. Amendola applies his wide-ranging rhythmic virtuosity to a vast array of settings. He's never more than one degree away from a powerful musical hook up.


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songs and stories

Join Justina Shandler, an award-winning singer/songwriter, for this free 4 week songwriting course where you will learn all of the tools you need to turn your stories into song. This course is intended for women who have experienced gender based violence (domestic violence, sexual assault, trafficking etc) and will go on throughout October to honor Domestic Violence Awareness month. At the end of the month, we hope to bring people together for a virtual event that will aim to educate others on modern issues of domestic violence, as well as showcase several of the songs created in this course.

No prior songwriting experience needed!

Ever had an idea for a company but just weren't sure where to go from there? Then this class is for you! Taught by the founders of two international organizations that have reached thousands of people, you will learn all about what to do with your idea, how to grow your audience through social media, how to create a stunning website that will draw customers in, and much more!

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you're never too young to start your own company

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summer songwriting

(4-week course)

Students will discover their superpowers and write songs! This class is perfect for any songwriter who may be experiencing writer's block. We break down the elements of a song into digestible pieces, and then, we create!

15+, preferred that student has written at least 1-3 songs

Justina Shandler is an award-winning singer-songwriter, experienced educator, and hair dye enthusiast. She has obtained two degrees in music from the University of Miami's Frost School of Music, where she currently serves as an adjunct professor of songwriting. Justina has inspired students ranging from inmates in the federal prison system to summer campers at Interlochen, and is thrilled to continue teaching in social isolation.


music and the media

Over the past few months, life as we know it has been upended. The usual ways of being a musician -- playing in bands, chamber groups, and orchestras, performing in live venues -- are out. New ways are in. It's a challenging time. But also a time of great potential. Learn how you can play a role in shaping not only your future as a musician, but also potentially the shape of the music landscape, and our culture more broadly. In this hour-long workshop, a concert pianist and activist Lara Downes and arts and culture journalist Chloe Veltman will share their experiences and thoughts about how to empower yourself as a musician -- through your art, your activism and how you communicate with the world -- to make a difference.


intro to vocal mechanics

Ever find yourself vocally tired at the end of the day? Ever been curious about how the voice works? Want to learn how to keep your voice working at its optimal best? Then this masterclass is for you! Great for anyone who wants to learn more about how this amazing system works. They’ll be exercises, tips and tricks, discussions about common myths surrounding voice use, and some specific information and resources for performers, pre-professional, and professional voice users.

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intro to songwriting

In this masterclass, we will explore the creative songwriting process, as well as discuss ways to create an effective marriage between music and lyrics. Students will be given tools to express themselves in original songs. All levels welcome. Prerequisite: vulnerability and a good attitude.


intro to music recording

Have you ever wanted to record yourself or your child?  To help them put that song down, track multiple parts, and mix the final product to get an mp3 to share with family, friends, or the world?  In this day of digital recording, it is easy to do!


In this class, he will cover the basics regarding how to get started recording your child or yourself at home!  Topics covered include: equipment needed (microphones, audio interfaces, computers, etc), different software platforms (ProTools, GarageBand, etc), and basic recording and mixing techniques.  There will be time for Q&A at the end as well.

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