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October Student of the Month: Tamara Yasin

QuaranTunes is pleased to announce our October Student of the Month, Tamara Yasin who is an accomplished musician and songwriter.

Q: Can you give us a brief introduction to yourself?

A: My name is Tamara Yasin and I am 11 years old. I go to LOT Academy in South Bay and I live in Apollo Beach, Florida.

Q: How many instruments do you play?

A: I play seven instruments: violin, drums, piano, ukulele, guitar, and trumpet! [Furthermore], I sing and compose music.

Q: How did you come to join QuaranTunes?

A: My mom accidentally found QuaranTunes online and we decided to try those music lessons. I was just very bored during the pandemic but QuaranTunes made me want to learn more music. I wasn’t wasting my time eating chips or watching movies.

Q: Who are your teachers at QT?

A: Right now, I have Tala Newell as my guitar teacher, Lia Berry as my trumpet teacher, Sola Long as my violin teacher.

Q: How have the teachers at QT impacted you? What did you learn?

A:Sola Long was one of my longest teachers that I had and she taught me so much stuff. In my old school, I only learned classical [music] and I don’t like classical music. I didn’t like it, I was bored and I wanted to quit. But with Sola, I was playing modern music that I loved and I played some fiddling which was really fun. With Tala, I learned so many contemporary songs. We write songs, we compose songs, we share our songs, I sing for her, she teaches me little riffs on the guitar, it’s just so fun to talk and play with her. With Lia, she taught me how to play the trumpet. I’ve never tried a brass instrument in my entire life. I got on the trumpet...and now I can play so many songs! It’s mind-blowing how they can teach me online. I used to have Jasmine Moller as my piano teacher but since she left for college, we don’t have a piano teacher anymore but she was an amazing teacher. I also had Catherine Wang...for the whole summer...and she was a very hardworking teacher, she was a big role model for me. I also had Alicia Bernotsky, [who was] my vocal teacher and my composing teacher. She inspired me to write so many songs! I loved her as a teacher. I loved all my teachers so I can’t say which one was my favourite, they [are] all amazing.

TY: Thank you so much QuaranTunes, you helped me achieve so much. I won song writing competitions, I also got second and third place on Golden Voice, and you can go find my songs on YouTube (Who Am I-Tamara Yasin) and on any major music platform. I just want to say thank you so much, I don’t think I could have done it without you QuaranTunes.

Please go listen to Tamara’s snippets of ‘Love Is in the Air” in the video below and her song “Who Am I” which can be found on Apple Music and support this amazing upcoming musical artist! Congratulations to Tamara for being Student of the Month!

Watch the full interview below including Tamara’s original song, “Love Is in the Air.”

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Catherine Wang
Catherine Wang
01 nov 2021

Amazing blog and video! Tamara, I’m so happy that you’ve found such a big passion for music and songwriting at a young age and it was a pleasure to teach you :)) Can’t wait to see what you will achieve in the future and more original songs you‘ll compose

Me gusta
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